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Prioritize These Website Design Elements to Drive More Leads

There are lots of things you can do to direct more people to your site, including on-page site improvement, use of web-based networking media channels, show advertisements, web index showcasing, email battles, and coordinate mailers.

However, even all of your best efforts can run futile if you don’t get any new leads at all.

Although websites are not only made exclusively for increasing leads, this is no doubt among the biggest drivers of returns on investment for any business. This is the very reason why it is a must to ensure that the website design is specifically amplified for the purpose of gaining more leads.

Below are the top six elements which are guaranteed to help you get more leads through your website design:

  • Compelling Calls to Action
  • Crystal Clear Copy
  • Good Layout
  • Details of the Team
  • Client Testimonials
  • Awards and Certifications
  • Design

Compelling Calls to Action

To drive more leads, it is necessary to have different convincing suggestions for visitors to take action on their business website. It is important not to make your visitors decide on their own what they should do next. Instead, you should urge them to make a move right away. You need to encourage them to take an item demo, plan an interview, view your shop inventory, check what people have to say about your product, browse your blog entries, and more.

Crystal Clear Copy

It is a must that you get to the very core of your subject in the fastest way possible. Remember that you have a very limited time when it comes to earning the trust of a potential customer and show them what your products or services can do.  It means that you need to be direct to the point and use the right words at the right time. For this, it might be best to work with experts who can help you write good quality content for your site.

Good Layout

If your business aims to introduce new products or services, it is important that you use a good layout which will allow your site visitors to find the information they need instantly. Every detail should be readily available with no need for them to dig deeper.

Details of the Team

It is human nature for a person to develop a sense of trust towards someone that they have known for quite some time. Thus, it is just right to include short biographies together with actual photos of your staff or team as it is a great way for building trust among customers.

Client Testimonials

Nothing beats the power of convincing new customers through including what your past and existing clients have to say about you. Your website design will look better and become more alluring to the eyes of prospect clients when you include testimonials.

Awards and Certifications

Finally, it would also help a lot if your website design will also incorporate badges and certificates together with awards acquired in the past. The presence of these forms of validation will further help increase the level of trust your prospects will have towards you.

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Technology Partners International (TPI) presented its quarterly Index Report on the global outsourcing market. The report focused on high-end private sector outsourcing in the past year.

TPI reported that in 2004, Europe has become the biggest outsourcing region with 49 percent of the global market share. Within the region, United Kingdom was the leading outsourcing country with 19.5 percent of the global market share. Also, Germany increased its market share from 4 percent to 12.5 percent largely through ITO contracts.

TPI also noted that more companies have changed suppliers while under an existing long-term contract with one supplier. Between 1999 and 2003, 36 companies signed deals that were worth over 40 million euros. Of these customers, a massive 89 percent signed subsequent deals with non-incumbent service providers. Moreover, it was shown that 69 percent of companies with bigger deals (over 400 million euros) have also signed subsequent deals with other providers.

The report revealed that the outsourcing market has become more competitive. More deals have been awarded to more service providers in 2004 (62 deals among 30 unique service providers) than in 2003 (53 deals among 21 unique service providers). Additionally, the top six vendors experienced a 28 percent decrease in the number of deals with 52 deals in 2004 against 68 deals in 2003.

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